Digitally generated and rendered still featuring female cyborg in carbon fiber, with animatronic hexapedal limbs.
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P.S. SS20 Campaign featuring hand tying "November, 2018" purple floral scarf onto model head.
Male model wearing "Fingers Crossed" and "P.S. Key" jewelry from the Pseudonym SS20 collection.
Digitally generated and rendered still of stone stack, featuring Pseudonym key jewelry from SS20.
Drawing by Zheqiang ZHANG, featuring jaws, Kermit the frog, and female nude.
Fine Arts
P.S. Day Chair, featuring mahogany, birch, Plexiglas panel seat construction, with smiley face cutout, and denim seat cushions.
Objects for Everyday Living
Doodle text instruction to scroll down to explore web shop (Jadeite Green color).

Fine Arts

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