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It seems no matter where you are in the world, you can always find burgers, pizza and sushi. He gave me one of those looks kids give that says i know what i’m thinking, and one day i’ll learn how to express it. The clouds shuffle , like cattle, prodded along by the changing directions of wind. He turns on the television, then turns it off. He walks back and forth between the sofa and the window. Slowly, he sits down and begins to draw.

Several blank pages. To be followed by profuse illustrations. Sketches, designs, menswear . To regard these with the upmost attention. Undressing paint with his brush. Then he wrote these words with his pen. Took a fall. Pennies. Pavement after rainfall. Eyes glaze. Pain.

Remission of cause and effect.

Song to accompany this passage. Till it’s done (tutu), as sung by d’angelo. In the recording of december 15, 2014 by D’angelo and The Vanguard. Performance time: three minutes and fifty-one seconds. With credits to kendra foster, russell elevado, ben kane and dave collins.

The air vibrates with noise as we move towards the in silence. Nothing was happening. But in each instance, at that moment, a sense of infinite possibilities arose. Nothing was happening. And he trembles, just slightly for the others to notice. It held their interests like moth to rain.

He is now in a vehicle, the landscape melds into a dance choreography of sorts, a high speed balanchine movement. It’s so dark that the staccato of light from the lampposts beam down with the immensity of flares. They reflect onto the wet tarmac and shatter into infinitesimal glass beads containing their own universes—this must be what Warhol meant by fifteen minutes of fame—and then in an instant, it’s gone.

stone skips on calm water and zips it shut. puddle fills cavity. . the sky is now a lilac and white and blue, zeroing to a gray that would have charmed even thom browne. dickie’s institutional theory of art—conferred status. dante’s historical and theoretical framework. the dingy carpet underneath the slot machine. the country’s largest of pennies and time.

If you click here, you can buy it right now.

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